As a registered patent attorney we can provide the traditional services of building your intellectual property (IP) portfolio, such as drafting, filing and prosecuting patent , registered design and trademark applications and advising on infringement of rights. 

Our main focus is on all aspects of patents. We can

  • draft and file patent specifications to secure your rights efficiently and according to a fixed budget
  • file international patents for Australian clients, selecting cost effective associates in foreign countries
  • file and prosecute patent applications in Australia for foreign applicants, either directly or through foreign attorneys
  • conduct opposition proceedings through the Australian Patents Office
  • advise on infringement issues
  • work in conjunction with IP lawyers, introduced by us or nominated by the client, in litigation proceedings

With a wealth of experience in both large and small technology companies, including at senior and board level, we are also able to help you integrate IP into your business and exploit its potential. We can

  • help you present your technology to interested investors, as it relates to patent protection or more broadly; and
  • assist with licensing negotiations including interfacing with legal advisors;
  • conduct a detailed IP audit of your organization to find areas for improvement;
  • help you implement a formal IP system to ensure ongoing best practice;